Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"I like to say things and eat stuff"

 A quote from a white grey marl striped t-shirt with colorful text.

Emily McCombs of xoJane has a blog post showcasing several shirts that celebrate the rising subculture of flaunting fat.
This celebration of gluttony is a backlash directed towards the thin, fit and emaciated, whose mere presence in public is perceived as an act of aggression towards heavier, vengeful individuals.  Their emotions are stirred by a flood of thoughts.

Vengeful types, whether obese or thin, are often the types of people who engage in gossip.  It follows that these individuals also enjoy gossip-oriented magazines.  Furthermore, those who read gossip-oriented magazines are more likely to consume other low types of media.  Consuming media that revolves around gossip and sex electrifies the emotions, especially when it is in video format (because video stimulates eyes and ears quite effectively and has become even more surreal in recent years).

Of course, one who is obsessed with gossip is a person who has to keep tabs on others to evaluate their own status.  A radicalization occurs for some, who decide that they need to exercise and/or diet to remove all fat from their body (even forgetting that some fat is necessary).  Others decide that they would prefer to quell their unfulfilled urges through hedonistic means.

The Pinterest front page is from time-to-time laden with images of "too-skinny" (or more appropriately, too little body fat) celebrities such as Nichole Richie or Jennifer Aniston.   There are also posts of muscled women who have abs cut like fit men.

There are occasional battles fought on Pinterest between the fat and thin.   The former sometimes use Marilyn Monroe as their poster girl, complete with a caption about how curvy is beautiful or something along those lines.  Other pins are more aggressive and and use terms such as "meat on her bones" or "skinny bitches."

In conclusion:
Marilyn Monroe was curvy, you are fat.
Jennifer Aniston resembles a toned, lean man in a dress.
(Will be addressed in future articles.)

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